Hey all! I have decided to shut down this photoblog. I have a Tumblr that I update much more frequently and it is tricky to update two photoblogs at a time. However, I also just started a vegan food blog here on WordPress. It’s called Avocadope. Check it out, it will have plenty of wonderful food photography! And of course, I put everything up on Flickr.

I have recently been shooting the Tastykake factory and some awesome graffiti spots throughout Philadelphia so be sure to take a look on my other sites.

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The Humane League needs to place two rats, both male and about a year old, in a loving home. If you would like to bring in two furry little best friends, please message me and let me know. I already have two female rats and will take in these boys if no one else does because there is literally nowhere for them to go. But because you can’t mix boy and girl rats (especially un-spayed/neutered) and I have a tiny apartment, my life is about to get a lot more complicated than it already is. I can tell you that rats are some of the most enjoyable animal companions a human can have. They are affectionate, playful, adorable, and fun. If you have any questions or may be interested in adopting them, please let me know. 


PS: Please reblog this!!! 🙂Image(This is one of my ratties, Marla. Isn’t she so incredibly adorable?!?!)


Beet and Avocado Soup